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Understanding our home finance waiting list times
Understanding our home finance waiting list times
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We have a very long waiting list for our home finance - the wait is approximately 5 years for our public waiting list.

Customers on the public waiting list that wait for their turn to come up, and who have not invested in a GYS Home account with us, will receive our standard rental rates.

Pfida Tip: You will need to register to join the public waiting list and complete your finance requirements, as this can impact your waiting list position. You can complete the form here.

If you haven’t invested with us, your position on the waiting list could change as we prioritise purchasing homes for our GYS Home account holders. Read below to find out more.

Priority waiting list for GYS Home account holders

Investing your money in a GYS Home account will boost your position on our waiting list and grant you prioritisation to be considered for home finance. Please note, investing with us does not guarantee we can provide finance, as you will still need to meet our affordability and eligibility criteria. Our AIP calculator on your account dashboard can provide you with an indication of whether you will be accepted for home finance.

We offer the benefit of boosting your waiting list position because we are keen to support anybody who is supporting our growth and vision first and foremost. Our GYS Home accounts exist to help you grow your savings through fair and ethical returns and at the same time your funds help others whilst you wait. When the time comes for you to purchase your own property, your GYS Home funds are automatically applied towards your initial equity (deposit). We consider it a win-win situation, what do you think? Click here to find out how our GYS Home accounts work.

As you are helping others purchase their homes whilst you grow your savings and wait for your turn on the list, we want to reward you. We do this by offering the following to our GYS Home account holders:

The table below shows how long you can expect to wait in the priority waiting list, depending on your finance requirements, your investment amount, and your referral points*.

Investment amount /
Referral points

Finance required

Up to £200k

Finance required

Up to £300k

Finance required

Up to £400k

£70,000 +

9 months

12 months

20 months

£50,000 +

12 months

15 months

2 years

£30,000 +

18 months

21 months

3 years

£10,000 +

2.5 years

4 years

4.5 years

£1,000 +

4 years

4.5 years

4.5 years

Please note, the waiting times provided are only an estimate and can take longer. Estimates are subject to change without notice.

Like all home finance providers, we cannot guarantee timeframes at any stage of the process. All applications are subject to our standard underwriting, affordability and conveyancing checks, and investing with us does not guarantee we can provide funding. You should not invest if you have a fixed deadline by which you need to complete.

*If you have £20,000 investment and have accumulated 15,000 points, your wait time will fall under the '£30,000+' tier, as you have totalled the equivalent of £35,000 worth of investment.

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