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How does the rental discount feature work?
How does the rental discount feature work?
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What rental discount do I get?

We will usually give you a rental discount in any month where you meet your monthly target payment. This means that in these months, rather than charging you the full rental amount, we will charge you a lesser amount and treat the rest of your payment as additional equity purchase. Each month that you purchase equity, the rent we charge reduces to factor in your increased equity ownership. Your rental discount is awarded separately in addition to this.

The amount of rental discount we will offer each month is fixed up front for the duration of your agreement. We calculate this based on a number of factors, including:

  • Your property location

  • Your property value

  • The amount of finance you require

  • Your term length

  • Any promotions we may have available

How to protect your rental discount:

Our rental discount applies for the entire duration of your agreement, and is usually awarded in all months where you stick to your monthly target payments (rent + equity purchase). You can find out how to ensure you always qualify for your rental discounts here, even if you wish to make additional payments.

However, we know circumstances can change, impacting your ability to make your monthly target payments. If you are experiencing financial difficulty, you always have the option to pay rent only. If this option is still unaffordable for you, our equity buffer feature might be able to help you - click here to find out more.

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