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Who is financially responsible when there's an issue with the property?
Who is financially responsible when there's an issue with the property?

As our customer living in the property, you would be responsible for taking care of maintenance. We contribute towards major maintenance.

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Our Home Provision Scheme is based on the principles of a shared ownership agreement between us and you, where you agree to live in and take care of the property. As our customer, you will be responsible for managing any maintenance.

We provide you with a rental discount each month if you meet your monthly target payment, and sell the property to you at the original acquisition price rather than the going market price. We give these discounts to you on a monthly basis to cover our share of any major maintenance and repairs required to the property.

Since you will be living in and using the property, you will be responsible for all non-major maintenance.

If you need to replace your electrics, gas, or plumbing, you must:

  1. Notify your insurer that you intend to carry out renovation works, listing the specific works to be carried out. We will need you to obtain an email confirmation that they’re happy for you to carry out these works.

  2. Provide us with written confirmation from your insurer at least two weeks before carrying out the works. As the owner of the property, we need to be informed about significant maintenance works.

Are you considering home renovations? We've put together a list of works you can carry out to the property here.

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