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What works can I carry out to the property once I move in?
What works can I carry out to the property once I move in?

As partners in the property there are some works that will need our approval and sometimes the approval of the insurer.

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At the moment, we don’t support major structural changes, such as knocking down walls or making changes to the original foundational structure of the building. However, you are free to carry out light renovations.

Here’s a list of works you can/cannot carry out:

Types of works


Pfida approval

Insurer approval

Cosmetic work

replacing carpets or painting or decorating


Like for like works

replacing existing kitchen units



Stud walls

Can be removed or added with the exception where the removal of a wall will reduce the number of bedrooms in a property



Electrical, gas, or plumbing





Knocking holes in, demolishing or moving walls, floors, ceilings or any element of the roof space which is structurally dependent




Fitting a new bathroom

Case-by-case basis


*Works that will have an impact on the utilities of the property, such as mains gas supply, can be agreed subject to the contractor being approved by Pfida and written notice from your insurance company that the property will remain covered in advance of any work commencing.

** You will need to notify your insurer that you intend to carry out renovation works, listing the specific works to be carried out and obtain confirmation that they are happy for you to carry out these works. You will need to provide us with this written confirmation from your insurer, at least 2 weeks before carrying out the works.

*** You will need to provide any proposals and necessary documentation in order for us to make an assessment. If we agree to your proposals, it may be necessary to conduct a valuation of the property before any renovations have started, and after the work is carried out.

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