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What is a Direct Debit Guarantee?
What is a Direct Debit Guarantee?

A Direct Debit Guarantee protects Direct Debit paying customers from payments taken in error.

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If you make payments via Direct Debit, you may have heard the term Direct Debit Guarantee.

All organisations that accept instructions to pay Direct Debits must offer customers a Direct Debit Guarantee, which entitles the customer to a full and immediate refund if an error is made by the billing organisation or the bank/building society in the payment of a Direct Debit. For example if a payment is taken on the incorrect date, or the wrong amount is collected.

In the event an error is made with your Direct Debit payment and you wish to claim a refund, you will need to contact your bank or building society - they are responsible for issuing you with a refund, even if the error was made by the organisation collecting your payment.

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