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What types of properties do you finance?
What types of properties do you finance?

We typically finance all freehold property types. Here is a list of properties we do not finance.

Updated over a week ago

We finance most freehold property types, as long as the property passes our survey and conveyancing checks.

Here is a list of property types we do not generally support:

  • Auction properties

  • Leasehold properties

  • Flats and properties in high-rise buildings

  • Non-standard construction properties

  • Properties requiring structural work or major maintenance

  • Properties less than 5 years old, or more than 80 years old

We have a limit on how many properties we will fund in any given postal area to ensure we aren't placing too many eggs in one basket.

Where we reach this limit, we will have to temporarily stop serving that area until we fund enough properties in other areas to balance it out - we expect this to only be temporary.

At this time, we are currently unable to provide finance for properties in the postcode areas starting with IG1, IG11, & HP13. We hope to start serving these areas again soon.

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