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Can I withdraw my investment amount?
Can I withdraw my investment amount?

You will need to give us notice if you wish to withdraw your investment amount - the notice period differs depending on the product.

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If you have an investment savings account with us (GYS Home, GYS, GYS+/Pro, Charity Flex, Charity Growth) and need to exit your investment for any reason, you can submit a request to us by contacting us.

Here are the minimum notice periods we recommend for each account type:

  • GYS Home - 3 months' notice period

  • GYS - 3 months' notice period

  • GYS+ - 3 months' notice period

  • Charity Flex - 3 months' notice period

  • Charity Growth - 6 months' notice period

Please note that investment exit may be subject to us securing replacement capital, or home buyers purchasing equity in their properties, whichever is sooner.

An admin fee may be payable at the time of withdrawal, this will be outlined in the terms and conditions of your agreement.

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